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Finn Law Group Cost and Review

Finn Law Group is a law firm that is based out of Florida and they may be able to help you get out of your timeshare contract. A few things that stand out are the owner of the law firm, Michael D. Finn, who has been in practice for 48 years and you can determine from this fact that he is well immersed in this industry. Another interesting find that stands out on the website is the section where it states ‘Legal Timeshare Representation’, from this information we can conclude that this law firm is centered around protecting the rights of their clients through aggressive representation, they target companies that used unfair and deceptive trade practices against consumer, in other words, if you were misrepresented, Finn Law Group would take your case on. Another page includes attorney credentials that have names of J. Andrew Meyer and all the attorneys are licensed by the Federal Bar Association. A lot of timeshare exit companies claim they are a licensed law firm when in fact they are lying, however, Finn Law Group is the exact opposite, they are a legitimate company from the information we have gathered. Finn Law Group states,
“Over the past seven years, the Finn Law Group has developed a significant focus on clients who have entered a purchase agreement with a timeshare resort and now seek direct “release” to cancel their timeshare contract. We often seek to negotiate appropriate resolutions with developers and their attorneys however we also litigate when needed. This includes single, multi-plaintiff and class action litigation”.

This statement speaks highly of the law group and portrays they are well immersed in the timeshare exit industry. There is also a news page on the website that has articles explaining why you should get out of your timeshare and common timeshare scams. We always edify companies that are willing to educate their clients because that shows they actually care about their clients. Finn Law Group has an important article that states not to pay any up-front fees when you are selling your timeshare and our team agrees 100%. We believe that if a company charges you up-front to list your timeshare knowing there is no value, that typically does not end well and you end up losing your money. There is no set cost as with most timeshare exit companies because they will have to evaluate your case, we do suggest you haggle the price with them. The processing time is not stated, you would have to determine that information by getting in touch with Finn Law Group for a free consultation. If you are still skeptical about a timeshare exit company, we suggest working with a timeshare exit company that has an escrow option so you do not pay any up-front fees. Need help? Have our team find you the right timeshare exit company for your situation absolutely free, start a live chat, call us or fill out the form below.

Finn Law Group Licensing

Finn Law Group has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 8/16/2012 and they have an A+ rating with 5 stars alongside 8 customer reviews. We do not see any negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Finn Law Group has a 5-star rating on Yelp and they do not have a Trust Pilot.

MyTimeshareExitReviews Rating highly recommend putting their clients first, and Finn Law Group does exactly that. We always edify companies that keep everything transparent. We have assessed this company with a 3.5/5.0 MyTER Rating. Finn Law Group does not offer an escrow option or 100% money-back guarantee and we believe that a company should provide either one for their clients because your protection from things going wrong is important!