Timeshare Mortgage & Maintenance Fee Cancellation

Every month, you get a bill from your timeshare company asking for a mortgage or maintenance fee payments. You probably have noticed over the years these fees have just gone up without you even knowing. If this sounds like your situation, we’re here to provide you a few options so you can exit your timeshare. Timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees tend to increase based on your timeshare contract. If you were not aware, the maintenance fees can double or triple in the 10-year time frame. Some timeshare contracts have maintenance fees that can increase up to 25% a year, something that should be avoided at all costs.

Is your Timeshare an Asset?

During the presentation, your timeshare sales representative may have misled you by stating your timeshare purchase will be beneficial or increase in value. If this sounds like your situation, you have a valid case. The majority of the time, the salesperson violates timeshare laws and regulations by the statements they make, and that is your way out. If you feel that you were told multiple lies to sign the contract or if the salesperson used emotional tactics claiming you are family, then you have a legal ground to get out of your money pit of a timeshare.


When you purchase a timeshare, your mortgage is financed either through the resort where your timeshare is located or a third-party company that works for the resort. The first thing our team recommends is to contact your resort and see if they have an option for you to exit your timeshare legally. If you are a lucky owner and own with either Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham or Westgate, you have exit options if you meet the requirements. Head over to our other article on how to get rid of a timeshare legally to understand the choices you have. If you are like the majority of the timeshare owners and do not own with a timeshare company that will take your timeshare back, rest assured you have options.

Timeshare Maintenance and Mortgage Fees increase

Resale Market for Timeshares

The first option, as we mentioned before, is a resale market. Some desirable timeshares such as one located in Aruba or Disneyland can be sold on the resale market. Many owners are not aware that their timeshare may be worth some value. To quickly see if your timeshare is worth any monetary amount, head over to and type in the name of your timeshare or just search for “Timeshares.” If you like what you see from the results, then we suggest heading over to websites that require $0 up-front in fees to place your timeshare on the resale market. There are numerous timeshare scams, and we always recommend you don’t pay a single penny up-front. You don’t want to run the risk of spending thousands up-front and never hearing back from your resale company.

Exit your Timeshare

Did you know that 86% of timeshare owners felt misled and intimidated during their timeshare presentation? If you felt this happened with you, we suggest you speak to timeshare exit companies. Maintenance fees are yearly fees assessed to owners for their timeshare property. Many owners are likely told their costs will never increase or stay at a fixed rate, that is incorrect. Timeshare contracts have a clause that states the maintenance fee can increase every year and can increase up to 25%. If your timeshare is located in a relatively high natural disaster state, you, as the owner, will be responsible for paying for the repairs. Your timeshare doesn’t sound like an asset? Timeshare Mortgage loan is usually on a ridiculously high-interest rate. Our team has heard of cases where owners have had mortgages with 15-30%! That is highway robbery.


Timeshare exit companies are created for owners seeking to exit their contracts. Exit companies have options to exit your contract based on misrepresentations. We have a blog post that states the common misrepresentations a timeshare owner can face during a presentation. If any of these misrepresentations apply to your situation, we suggest you fill out the form on the right for a free consultation or contact us through Live Chat. Timeshare scams have increased 10x in the last few months preying on financially burdened owners. Our team recommends working with exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay $0 up-front in fees, protect yourself from scams.


Timeshare exiting can seem like a hassle, but it’s a relatively easy and common practice. To legally exit your timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees, we suggest doing extensive research on every company or read our reviews. The cost associated with exit companies can vary drastically, and that is why we recommend you reach out to our team. There are a few things we do talk about on our website that go in detail to protect you from scams. Contact us through Live Chat or fill out the free form on the right so you can receive free information on your options to exit your timeshare contract. Exit your timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees.

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