Why Escrow may be essential for you

Escrow can be essential for you when searching for a timeshare exit company. Escrow is a third-party holding account that keeps your money safe while the timeshare exit service is being completed. If the timeshare exit service is not completed as promised, you can get your money back directly from the escrow account company. This can be an option for some timeshare owners who are more skeptical of the timeshare exit process. After the successful cancellation of your contract, the escrow company sends your payment to the exit company. In this situation, the individual is protected, and so is the reputation of the timeshare exit company. If the exit company fails to hold its end of the bargain, the company will lose its ranking on the Better Business Bureau and on Escrow eliminates all up-front costs.

Escrow or 100% Money Back Guarantee

Escrow is an extra layer of protection compared to a 100% money-back guarantee. A 100% money-back guarantee may be right for you if the company you are evaluating has been doing business for quite a while and has ethical business practices. Do not eliminate timeshare exit companies that provide a 100% money-back guarantee; these companies could be far cheaper than a company that offers escrow.

Many timeshare exit companies boast about their 100% money-back guarantee. If the company goes out of business, or if they file bankruptcy, will they still refund you your money? The answer is unfortunate, no. Since escrow is when a third-party company holds on to your money while the timeshare exit company is performing the service, it gives you peace of mind. A recent example of a company that boasted about its reputation was Resort Release. On the Better Business Bureau website, many clients are complaining about being out of thousands of dollars. Resort Release filed for bankruptcy, in this situation, the customers are out of luck, and they have lost a large sum of money and still own their timeshare. Our team recommends companies that provide an escrow option, so you have an extra layer of protection from scams. Read the Better Business Bureau reviews about Resort Release.

Final Thoughts

Escrow may sound like a better option, but most timeshare exit companies typically don’t like to mention they have an escrow option. Going through the escrow route can be expensive because when a third-party company comes in the picture, the timeshare exit fee usually rises. Most timeshare exit companies on average take around 8-12 months to cancel your contract, and if a company essentially has to wait 8-12 months to get paid, they tend to charge a higher fee for their escrow customers. If a company has positive business practices and has been in business for over 5+ years with positive ratings, it makes sense going the cheaper route with a 100% money-back guarantee. Ultimately, our team at MyTER recommends only working with a timeshare exit company that offers escrow so you pay $0 up-front. The BBB and FTC have made statements about avoid paying any up-front fees to timeshare exit companies.

We help timeshare owners find the best timeshare exit company for their situation. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation. Our team recommends working with trustworthy timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow option, so you pay $0 up-front until your timeshare contract is canceled.