How To Cancel a Bluegreen Timeshare

Are you looking to cancel a Bluegreen Timeshare? Are you tired of paying Bluegreen Timeshare fees? Did the company lie to you about what you were purchasing? You’re not alone. One out of eight households in America owns a timeshare, and now you have options on how you can exit your Bluegreen Vacation Timeshare. If you felt like you were misled or sold something that is not beneficial to you or your family, we suggest you immediately initiate a Live Chat or fill out the free informational form on the right. Our team can assess your case and determine the best available option for you to exit your contract.

Bluegreen Timeshare Cancellation Policy

The rescission law is available for all timeshare owners and vacation club owners. If you recently purchased a timeshare, you have the legal right to exit your contract. A typical rescission period usually lasts 3-10 days, and sometimes it can extend up to one month. If you have purchased your Bluegreen Timeshare in that time frame, we suggest you contact Bluegreen immediately to see what your rescission period is on your contract. Also, we recommend you read through your contract to look for the cancellation policy, which is typically at the end or beginning of the contract. Some timeshare companies require you to send a signed copy through the mail because if they receive your documents after the rescission period, they typically will not honor the request to rescind your contract. If you have to mail in your contract, we suggest you overnight mail the required documents, the few extra dollars are worth it.

Selling Bluegreen Timeshare

When you purchase a timeshare, 80% of the value depreciates instantly. If your sales representative told you that your timeshare would increase in value, unfortunately, they have lied. We suggest you google search timeshares or go on or and see most timeshares listed for a $1. If you plan on selling your timeshare, you might have to pay closing costs on top of any other fees set by a resale company. If a timeshare on major websites is listed for a dollar, why would anyone want to purchase a Bluegreen Timeshare 10x the price?

In some states, laws are set for real estate agents in which they can’t state that a timeshare is a real estate property. If your sales representative told you what you were purchasing that day was a real estate investment, then, unfortunately, they have lied. Timeshares are nothing like real estate. In a typical real estate investment, you should be getting a monthly passive income, but with a timeshare, you are shelling out yearly and monthly fees, doesn’t sound much like a real estate property now, does it? Bluegreen Timeshare is not a good investment.

Cancel Bluegreen Contract with Timeshare Exit Companies

Selling a Bluegreen Timeshare can be costly and complicated. If you want to cancel your contract legally, you have options. There are quite a few timeshare exit companies, some of these companies are reputable, and some are known to scam timeshare owners. Reputable timeshare exit companies typically have attorneys that look for misrepresentations or loopholes in your contract and usually will ask you various questions on what was said to you and how you were treated during the timeshare presentation. Some exit companies will charge you up-front, and very few timeshare exit companies have an escrow option.

We suggest working with a company that has either no up-front fees. The FTC and the BBB have warned timeshare owners against paying up-front to exit their timeshare contracts. When you work with a company that requires no money up-front, that typically is a good sign. Learn more about why escrow is essential. There are a ton of horror stories of timeshare owners being scammed thousands of dollars with nothing in return. Be wary of such scams. You can read more about Bluegreen Timeshare Vacation scams.

Final Thoughts

We are a team who was in your shoes, we went through the struggle of paying yearly maintenance fees and monthly payments, and after years of paying our timeshare, we realized the mortgage was never-ending. With a ridiculously high-interest rate, we realized timeshares are not beneficial financially. We started this review site to give you insight into timeshare exit companies. We give you a list of questions to ask a timeshare exit company to assess if the company is reputable, and we only recommend timeshare exit companies that have no up-front fees.  

Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized exit consultation. Our team will help connect you with a timeshare exit company that has a no up-front fees until your timeshare contract is canceled. There are hundreds of timeshare scams every year, protect yourself from becoming another victim!

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