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Resort Advisory Group

Resort Advisory Group is a timeshare exit company located in Vista, California. Resort Advisory Group can help you eliminate your timeshare. As you may already know, there is no resale market for timeshares and majority of the timeshares are listed for a $1 on sites such as and At first glance, Resort Advisory Group has a unique website, and it is well designed. 


The first thing that stood out to our team is client testimonials. Now, we typically would recommend voice recorded client testimonials, but the company has a well-established reputation on multiple platforms. Protect yourself from all angles, and if you’re shopping Resort Advisory Group we suggest you initiate a Live Chat or fill out the form on the right to determine if this is the right timeshare exit company for your timeshare situation. 

Resort Advisory Group Reviews

Resort Advisory Group reviews are positive on various online review sites. RAG (Resort Advisory Group) has a very detailed “FAQ” page on their website. We always recommend timeshare exit companies to provide a FAQ page for their customers. FAQ pages are beneficial to timeshare owners because most of us have questions about timeshare exiting and FAQ pages address those common questions. 

Timeshare scams are in abundance, every month a new way to deceive money from timeshare owners appears all over the internet. There are a lot of scams in the timeshare exit industry, and many timeshare owners have fallen victim, and for that reason, we continuously put an emphasis on getting everything in writing. 

A unique aspect of the company is they offer a no up-front fee escrow option. Many Resort Advisory Group reviews state the company fulfilled their no up-front fee promise. Read more about why escrow is essential in the timeshare exit process, and due to this factor, “RAG” gets another +1 from our team. As we looked carefully inside the company, we noticed Resort Advisory Group has the same address as Timeshare Compliance. In the timeshare cancellation industry, most exit companies typically are tied with another timeshare exit company, and this is not alarming. Resort Advisory Group is connected with Timeshare Compliance, which also is a reputable exit company. 

In the exit process, Resort Advisory Group reviews also confirmed the company uses attorneys, and from their “FAQ” page we conclude the average time to cancel your timeshare contract is typically 6-12 months. The time frame is average compared to other timeshare exit companies. A statement that stands out to our team is Resort Advisory Group uses fraudulent misrepresentations to cancel your contract. Many exit companies send out a “rescind” letter which does not have a high percentage of cancellation, but if your attorney looks for misrepresentations in your contract, now you start to build yourself a strong legal case. As we mentioned before, using attorneys is the safest and most legitimate way to get out of a timeshare contract. 

Resort Advisory Group offers credit protection for their customers. After speaking to the timeshare specialist, our team was told that Resort Advisory Group would protect your credit during the timeshare exit process. Credit protection is uncommon for most timeshare exit companies, but it’s another +1 for Resort Advisory Group. Protecting your credit from derogatory marks is crucial because exiting your timeshare contract takes about 3-18 months to exit, and during that time frame, you may stop making payments towards your timeshare. The result of not making payments usually puts your credit in jeopardy and RAG will help prevent that from happening.

Resort Advisory Group does state that it will help eliminate all liability from your timeshare contract, including assessment fees, and debts, read the full statement below:

“Our team at Resort Advisory Group has a proven track record of persuading developers to exit timeshare contracts. We will remove all liability from your timeshare contract. You will no longer be responsible for maintenance fees, assessment fees, or payments on debts. Your heirs will no longer be responsible for any liability. You will no longer have any liability for your timeshare contract”.

Resort Advisory Group advertises on TV, radio and all over the internet. Our team likes to see a timeshare exit company advertise which portrays they have a strong marketing budget, and they are not another built overnight company. In other words, they will not scam. Resort Advisory Group does offer a free consultation for their clients which is another +1 from our team.

After speaking to a “consumer advocate” at Resort Advisory Group, we were put to ease because our questions were answered, and the company was not pushy or wanting us to sign up for their services. As we mentioned before, a company with good ethics should always put their customers first. There are no Resort Advisory Group complaints that our team came across. Below is the process Resort Advisory Group uses to help you cancel your timeshare contract:

Resort Advisory Group Timeshare Exit Process

Resort Advisory Group Fees & Cost

Resort Advisory Group offers a free consultation, and the fees are assessed after they evaluate your case. If a company was to give you a fee without knowing anything about your situation or timeshare, that’s a red flag. It’s advised exit companies to first assess your case before determining a fee. From the information we collected, it’s stated the cost for Resort Advisory Group fees ranges from $3,000-$6,000 dollars which is relatively common in the timeshare exit industry. 

We advise you to try to haggle the price with any timeshare exit company because they will work with you and your situation, and they want your business. It never hurts, it can only benefit you. Cost varies for timeshare exit companies because the cost is based on your timeshare mortgage or if your timeshare is paid off. If your timeshare has a mortgage, the costs will typically be higher compared to if your timeshare was completely paid off. Here is a statement directly from Resort Advisory Group discussing fees:

“Answering this question requires our team of specialists to gather more information about your specific case. We cannot answer that question without fully understanding the extent of misrepresentation and unethical sales practices you suffered. Once we conduct a free consultation and complete our due diligence on your case, we will be able to quote a reasonable fee that will result in saving you thousands of dollars. If we were to ask you how much it costs to build a house, you would not be able to answer that question without more information. Similarly, we cannot quote a fee because we do not know how many hours our specialists, analysts, and other professionals will need to devote to the case until we gather a full understanding of the misrepresentations you suffered. Further, we need to know more about the developer, whom we must persuade to exit your contract. To ease the burden, we offer escrow services—that way, Resort Advisory Group does not profit until you are legally and permanently out of your timeshare.” We have included a review directly from the BBB staying how Resort Advisory Group was a lifesaver for this customer:

Resort Advisory Group Ratings

Resort Advisory Group BBB profile has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company has an average of 19 reviews with a 4.0 rating. The company has seven complaints which were addressed instantly. Resort Advisory Group also has a 5-star rating on Facebook and no reviews on Yelp or Trustpilot. As we mentioned before, we typically recommend if a timeshare exit company has reviews on all platforms so our team can get a better picture of their reputation. Resort Advisory Group also has a positive rating on Repdigger, which is a +1 from our company. 

After speaking to the “consumer advocate” from the company, our team assessed Resort Advisory Group a 4.5/5.0 MyTER Rating. The company provides a no up-front fee escrow option, has a free consultation, and has positive reviews on the BBB. Resort Advisory Group puts its customers first and is very understanding about their customers’ timeshare situation.

Final Thoughts

Resort Advisory group is a reputable timeshare exit company. The company advertises on various platforms and puts its clients first. Resort Advisory Group is a timeshare exit company that will help you eliminate all the timeshare fees and headaches you might have with your timeshare. Our team recommends Resort Advisory Group and gives them a 4.8/5.0 MyTER Rating. That’s why I bring you Resort Advisory Group review to give you a better understanding of their process.

Contact our team so we can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate. We recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal options so you can exit your timeshare contract legally. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.


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