Timeshare Exit Scams

Timeshare Telemarketing Scams

Timeshare telemarketing scams usually consist of a timeshare scam company contacting you and asking about a recent timeshare that you have listed. When the individual calls, he/she may ask if you own a specific timeshare, and if you are still interested in canceling your timeshare. In the conversation, this individual will say, “perfect, we have someone interested whose willing to pay $19,900.00 for your timeshare, but we need a 10-20% down payment to get started. If you end up paying that down payment, you are out of luck because no reputable company or a company that has a presence in the timeshare exit industry will ask for you to pay a buyer or a seller. A Florida Attorney General has been investigating such timeshare scams, read about timeshare scams.

Timeshare Listing Company Scams

Timeshare listing scams are widespread in the timeshare industry. A listing company will boast about their listing record and how fast they can sell your timeshare, and some will even claim they have a buyer secured. The listing companies typically have a membership fee requirement that can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Once the listing company takes your money, they have no real reason to sell your timeshare, matter of fact they will reach out to you again and ask you to re-list your property with them after your contract expires, which means more money down the drain. Be aware of such timeshare listing scams!

Timeshare Identity Theft Scams

Identity theft scams are usually when a con-artist claims he/she is from a legitimate business and is interested in either buying your timeshare or selling it for you with a buyer secured. When this individual calls, he/she will have all the information ready, in other words, this individual will claim they are calling from an XYZ company, and they will have the name an employer from the XYZ company alongside the employer tag. When all the information checks out, the individual will ask for a set payment. Many individuals have fallen for such scams and have wired over thousands of dollars. If you do not want to be a victim of any timeshare exit scams, do not accept or respond to uninvited e-mail or phone calls from anyone who claims they can sell or rent your timeshare. Always work with a licensed professional, or you can have our company find you the best timeshare exit company for your situation.

There are numerous timeshare scams every year, protect yourself. Contact our team so we can help you determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate, and we recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal rights so you can exit your timeshare. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.

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