How To Cancel Your Silverleaf Timeshare

If you’re interested in getting rid of your Silverleaf Timeshare, you have options. Silverleaf has many resorts all over the United States, and they are widespread in states such as Texas, Virginia, and Nevada. As you probably know, timeshares have a murky reputation. Your salesperson probably sold you a dream about vacationing all over the world for a small fee. Your situation may have changed, and now you want out of your Silverleaf timeshare, you’re not alone. Statistics show, 1 out of 8 households in America own a timeshare.

Get Rid of a Silverleaf Timeshare

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to cancel their Silverleaf timeshare. Here are a few reasons you may want to get rid of your timeshare:

  • Your family situation may have changed recently
  • Silverleaf timeshare is becoming a financial burden 
  • Your financial situation may have changed
  • The property ownership is deceptive or misleading from what was mentioned to you
  • You can’t travel like you used to
  • You don’t want to pass your timeshare off to your children
  • If Silverleaf recently required you to upgrade because your timeshare is being converted to points. 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the last thing you want is to be stuck with a timeshare you can’t use. Your financial situation can also change because of your timeshare fees. There are often hidden fees, including maintenance fees, HOA fees, that can drive up costs you were never made aware.

Silverleaf Cancellation Policy

If you recently purchased your Silverleaf timeshare, you may be in luck. In a timeshare contract, you have a three to seven-day rescission period depending on your timeshare company. In this time frame, you can rescind your contract legally. If it has been less than a week since you purchased your Silverleaf timeshare, we suggest you contact your timeshare developer immediately and request to rescind your contract. Some timeshare companies will require you to send in a letter stating you want to revoke your agreement. If this is the case, we recommend you overnight mail the required documents. If the timeshare company receives the letter after the rescission period, they will not approve your request. 

Every Silverleaf timeshare contract has the recession date listed either in the beginning or at the end of the contract. If your salesperson did not tell you about your rescission period, our team suggests you contact Silverleaf immediately and ask them what your rescission time frame is in your contract. Acting quickly after purchasing your timeshare is the best way to pay $0. You don’t want to be stuck paying for a timeshare you probably will never use!

Sell Your Silverleaf Timeshare

 If you have not looked at the timeshare resale market, we suggest you do some research. On sites such as, the majority of the timeshares are listed for less than a dollar! If your salesperson told you that your Silverleaf timeshare was going to be an investment and you can become rich renting out the property, guess what? You were misled. 

If you think selling your timeshare is the right option for you, we do want to advise you that while you have your timeshare listed, you are required to continue paying the mortgage and the maintenance fees, you will also be paying any listing costs. Listing your timeshare on the resale market will come with a hefty price, with no guarantee your timeshare will be sold. Below is an image directly from portraying two timeshares listed for sale:

how to sell your silverleaf timeshare

Timeshare Cancellation Companies

If Silverleaf is not going to take your timeshare back and you’re unable to sell it on various websites, it’s time to look into timeshare exit companies. There are over 100 timeshare exit companies, and there are numerous timeshare scams. We recommend you work with a timeshare exit company that will require no up-front fees until your timeshare contract is canceled. 

Timeshare exit companies typically look for misrepresentations in your contract and use attorneys to find loopholes. If your salesperson mentioned how this timeshare purchase would be a tremendous investment, we recommend you contact a timeshare exit company immediately. Make sure to check the accreditation of all the timeshare exit companies, or you can reach out to our team for a personalized free consultation. Fill out the form on the right or initiate a Live Chat. 

Silverleaf Timeshare Upgrade

Silverleaf Resorts recently started asking timeshare owners to upgrade their timeshare from weeks to points. In the process, your timeshare upgrade requires a new contract and loan. Many timeshare owners have complained to us about the recent dealings with Silverleaf regarding their timeshare being upgraded. We want to warn any Silverleaf timeshare owners that you are not obligated to upgrade your timeshare contract. If you do not upgrade your timeshare from week to points, you still are allowed to use your timeshare. 

We also suggest you have all the promises made by Silverleaf in writing. You have to protect yourself first! Anyone can say what they want, and when you have something in writing, now you have proof to use against the resort in the court of law. You may also use this proof to explain to a timeshare exit company your situation

Final Thoughts

Every day our team hears about new timeshare scams or timeshare owners being scammed for thousands of dollars. We suggest you check the credentials of each timeshare exit company. Silverleaf resorts was once a very appealing timeshare, and now the resort is riddled with lousy customer service reviews. We advise reaching out to Silverleaf resorts before working with a timeshare exit company. Some resorts have programs in place for timeshare owners interested in getting out of their contract.

There are numerous timeshare scams every year. Contact our team so we can help you determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate, and we recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal right so you can exit your timeshare contract legally. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.


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