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Timeshare Freedom Group Review

Timeshare Freedom Group is a timeshare exit company from Laguna Hills, California. Timeshare Freedom Group can help you eliminate your timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees. The company has a unique website, and they have a large marketing budget as seen by all the endorsements. The company runs commercials on TV, radio and all over the internet. Timeshare Freedom Group is also endorsed by Bill Handel, who is a licensed attorney in Los Angeles. Endorsements are a positive sign because it portrays that someone relatively known is willing to put their reputation on the line for a company.

Timeshare Freedom Group does use attorneys in their timeshare exit process, as stated on their website. As we have mentioned before, always work with a timeshare exit company that uses attorneys. The legitimate way to get out of a timeshare contract is by doing so legally. Would you trust someone’s word or have it in writing from an attorney?

Timeshare Freedom Group also has offices in Arizona, Florida, and Virginia for timeshare owners that prefer to meet in person. We do want to warn you that when some timeshare exit companies prefer to meet in person, it’s usually to get you to agree on a higher fee. Majority of the timeshare exit companies work on commission, and we recommend you ask for a lower fee. There have been cases when the price has been dropped drastically after requesting a lower fee.

Our team came across an interesting statement made by Timeshare Freedom Group, if you are “trapped in a timeshare contract, here’s your escape.” In other words, the company offers a free consultation to assess your case, and the company does state they help individuals get out of their timeshare contract permanently and legally. There have been numerous timeshare exit companies in the past month who have scammed timeshare owners thousands of dollars. We suggest you contact us through the form on the right or fill out a live chat to determine the best timeshare exit company for your situation, and get an emailed copy of the “10 must-ask questions when shopping for a timeshare exit company”.

Timeshare Freedom Group has a four-step process on how they can help you get out of your timeshare contract. The first step is they will schedule a time for you to have a personal face-to-face consultation with someone at their offices so they can determine if they can accept your case. The second step is the timeshare cancellation file preparation, in this step, the company will collect all the necessary paperwork, and you would work with a dedicated timeshare cancellation manager. The third step is when they will assess the contract and see what available legal options are present for you. The last step is when you are timeshare free, including all the financial obligations to your timeshare company.

Timeshare Freedom Group is endorsed on many online networks such as CNBC, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN. The company also has a 100% money-back guarantee which is something we admire because we always recommend a company that puts its customers first. If you are skeptical about the timeshare exit process, we recommend you work with a company that requires $0 up-front. Learn more about escrow. Timeshare Freedom Group claims it has eight years experience in the timeshare exit industry and they have served over 7500 timeshare owners. The company has a blog section that goes in detail on questions such as timeshare contracts, maintenance fees, and typical timeshare sales tactics.

Timeshare Freedom Group does have a testimonials page that has clients claiming the company has helped them cancel their timeshare contract permanently. Anyone can be paid to write a testimonial, and we will let you judge the authenticity of these testimonials yourself.

Under the FAQ page, the company has stated it takes about 9-12 months to cancel your timeshare contract. If the company is unable to cancel your contract after the maximum amount of 24 months, you will receive a full refund. This is a +1 from our team, and we do advise you have everything in writing before you sign any document. Below is an image directly from Timeshare Freedom Group explaining the average time it takes to cancel a timeshare contract:

Average time to cancel your timeshare contract with Timeshare Freedom Group

Timeshare Freedom Group Cost & Fees

Timeshare Freedom does not state a cost on their website, the company mentions the cost to exit all depends on how long you’ve had your timeshare contract, and if you own a mortgage on the contract. After some research, we have found the cost typically ranges from $3000-$7000, and it depends on your timeshare contract. Timeshare Freedom Group wants to meet in person, and we advise you haggle the fee with them. Timeshare Freedom Group has an average price point compared to other timeshare exit companies.

Timeshare Freedom Group Ratings

Timeshare Freedom Group does not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, so we will list them under being “not rated.” However, Timeshare Freedom Group has 40 reviews on Trustpilot, and they all are 5-stars. Timeshare Freedom Group also has a 5-star rating on Yelp with seven reviews. It’s not always a good sign that a company has been in business for 8+ years but is not accredited by the BBB. Maybe the company did not pay them an accreditation fee. We’ll let you be a judge of that.

Our team at MyTER recommends working with a company that has a strong positive presence in the timeshare exit industry. After carefully reviewing Timeshare Freedom Group, our team has rated the company a 4.0/5.0 MyTER Rating. The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We always recommend working with a timeshare exit company that has a strong presence in the timeshare exit industry, so you stay protected from timeshare exit scams. Below is a review directly from Trustpilot:

Timeshare Freedom Group Ratings

Final Thoughts

There are few things that stood out to our team that Timeshare Freedom group did right. The company uses attorneys to help cancel your timeshare contract, and they have a 100% money-back guarantee. Timeshare Freedom Group also has numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot, which is a +1 from our team. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation. Our team recommends working with trustworthy timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow option, so you pay $0 up-front until your timeshare contract is canceled.

There are hundreds of timeshare scams every year, protect yourself from becoming another victim. In America, 1 out of 8 households currently owns a timeshare. The timeshare industry is growing at a rapid pace, and many timeshare owners have fallen victim to timeshare scams. We advise all timeshare owners to assess the credentials of each timeshare exit company before signing a contract.