Vacation Ownership Consultants

  • No Escrow or Guarantee
  • A+ Rating
  • Free Consultation
  • Cost Varies

Vacation Ownership Consultants Cost and Review

Vacation Ownership Consultants is a timeshare exit company that is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and has been in business since 2015. As our team reviewed the website we saw a few things that stood out to us, the first thing that stood out is the company states it “Legally Cancels Your Timeshare Contract”, in other words, the company uses attorneys to help you cancel the contract and that is something we highly recommend. The company provides a free consultation and has a 100% success rate if they accept your case, that is something we like to commend and it gives you peace of mind because if they accepted every case their success rate would not be at 100%. The video on their homepage is very interesting, it starts off by stating why some individuals purchase their timeshare, and that is basically to spend more time with family, to be around their loved ones and to have a life-long getaway but as the video transitions, we see the expression of Mike Cartell changing and he states that timeshares are a life-long burden instead of a getaway. Mike also states that timeshares have increasing maintenance fees that can be passed down to future generations if nothing is done. Another piece of information that stands out is the website has links to various review websites such as Yelp, Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau in which they are building authenticity, that is something appreciate. Vacation Ownership Consultants explain their process in 9 steps. Step 1 and 2 consist of the company trying other options before canceling such as looking for a rescission period and if that does not work out, the company will gather your information and all the paperwork required. Step 3 and 4 are based on if they can accept your case, they will offer a ‘fair’ proposal. We highly recommend you still haggle this price with them. Step 5 and 6 consist of them discussing payment plans, according to their website they offer no up-front plans for the first 6 months with 0% financing, in other words, you can finance their cost which can be up to a few thousand dollars based on reviews. After you agree with their pricing, the company will send you a service agreement. Step 7 and 8 is when their legal team will contact you and keep you up to date on the process after they officially get you out of your contract, they will inform you and update their ‘online portal’.

Vacation Ownership Consultants have a very common process as other major timeshare exit companies and we do not see anything that raises any red flags. The company has a review page that has a video of past clients explaining how the company came to their aid and helped them in canceling their contract. Our team priorities video testimonials because it shows the authenticity of the company and really gives visual feedback on how a company can eliminate this stressful burden. The processing time according to the website does take a few months and common time is usually 4-18 months depending on your contract and if you have a mortgage. The cost was not mentioned on their website and Vacation Ownership Consultants do not have an escrow or 100% money-back guarantee. If you need the extra layer of protection, we highly recommend a company that offers escrow or a 100% money-back guarantee so you can peace of mind knowing you are not being scammed.

Vacation Ownership Consultants Licensing

Vacation Ownership Consultants have been in business for 4 years according to their Better Business Bureau website and they are not BBB accredited. The company does have an A+ rating with 63 positive reviews on their website. Vacation Ownership Consultants has 5-star ratings with 3 reviews on Yelp and 52 ratings with 5 stars on Trust Pilot, now that is impressive.

MyTimeshareExitReviews Rating makes it a priority to protect our clients. After carefully reviewing the website and looking over past reviews, we have assessed the company with a 4.0/5.0 MyTER rating. The reasoning behind this rating is the company has no escrow or 100% money-back guarantee but as far as the reviews and what they claim as a company, everything checks out. If you are still skeptical and need help finding the right timeshare exit company, give us a call, initiate a live chat or fill the form below for a free consultation.